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Date             Name(s)                                                       Place of Census
1701           * Noel LaBauve                                          Reviere St Antoine, Les Mines
                        wife, 2 children
1714            LaBauve, wife, 2 sons, 5 girls                    Port Royale
1714            Francoise LaBauve, Madeline Blou           Beaubassin
1752             Louis LaBauve, wife, 4 boys, 1 girl           Chipoudy
                     Jean LaBauve, wife, 1 boy, 3 girls             Chipoudy
                     Joseph LaBauve, wife

1766             Antoine LaBauve, Anna Vincent
1769             Antoine LaBauve, Anna Vincent                 Left Bank/Elgard
1771             Baptiste LaBauve                                          Opelousas
1774             Baptiste LaBauve, wife                                Attakapas or St. Martinsville

*"young men who can bear arms"

Source: THE ACADIAN MIRACLE by J. Dudley

 1840           F. LaBauve                                                 DeSoto County, Mississippi
1850            Belisaire LaBauve                                     Calcasieu Parish