The Storm
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The Storm

"I must state that in the year 1956 whilst we were at the Lake, on the 10th day of August, happened the storm that submerged Lost Island, and where over three hundred persons engulfed into a watery grave, including one of my women cousins by name Althie LaBauve. This storm raged nearly three days and completely devasted our crop of cotton and corn. In 1857 we raised another crop of cotton and corn and were very fortunate. We also raised a good number of hogs which papa sold for a good round sum, in New Orleans. It was this year that my Uncle Victor LaBauve and father agreed to move to the State of Texas - father to take the lead. both my uncle and father took a trip of inspection to Texas in the winter of 18857. Landing at Indianola, we visited Calhoun, Jackson, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Houston, and embarked with their ponies at Galveston on their way back home. The way was then paved for our emmigration to Texas.

"In the month of August, 1858 we embarked on the steamer Darby at Iberia as I before stated for the famed State of Texas. Texas was a s slave State, and as my father's family moved over before the emancipatin of negroes our negroes were slaves; so it was easy enough for my father to ern a good living by renting land ready fenced in. After spending 24 hurs at Indianolo, as I stated before, the family sailed to Texana, the County seat of Jackson County."


"For a while the famiy occupied the old Tavern, a log house structure near the place called the plaza or center of the Town of Texana. I had forgotten to state that Texana was located at the heaed navigation of the Navidad river, a river whic forms a junction with the Lavaca river below Texana, about three miles from town, therefore all boats of light draft could come up to that place and did so, even steam-boats."

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