Isidore LaBauve, My Grandfather
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Isidore LaBauve, My Grandfather

My grandfather, Isidore Joseph LaBauve, was born in
Abbeville in 1879. His parents were Gilbert LaBauve
and Josephine Ida Pierret.
Isidore married Emma Marie LaBauve in Kaplan on May 3, 1902.
They had two children: Mary Myrtle, born December 28, 1902,
and Anthony Hilton, born November 1, 1905.
Isidore died in his home at 400 Josephine Street in
New Orleans on February 15, 1928.

We are trying to find his
burial place. Can you help?

From "The Abbeville Meridional" November, 1971

"IN THE PAST - Found with many other mementos of the past by Buster LaBauve of Abbveville was this photo showing from left Raphael LaBauve a former attorney of Abbeville; Adam Brasseaux, a former Abbeville mayor; and Isidore LaBauve, also a former Abbeville resident. There are several survivors of the LaBauve famiy, while Brasseaux is survived by Mr. Roy Richardson of Abbeville. Mr Isidore LaBauve is survived by Mrs. Robert Hunter of Santa Anna, California."

"I am the Resurrection and the Life; he who believes
in Me shall live, and whoever lives and believes in Me
shall never die."

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