The Count of Monte Cristo
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Spanish Lake

"I want to write a concise narrative and simple statement of events as they come to my mind and my statement will be incomplete without mentioning several facts connected with my narrative of events the way they occurred then. I failed to state that when my father's family located on Spanish Lake it had walked into a regular Spanish Colony. Those we met here were the direct descendants of a colony that had emigrated to America in early days, and had settled in a zone comprising New Iberia, Spanish Lake and Pettite Anse.

"It is note to be wondered at that we became acquainted with the Seguras, the Domingues, the Romeros, the Victors, the Migues and other families bearing the ancient names of Andelusia and Estremaduro. I must state that I have read an account of the transmigration of these people. They are said to be direct from a colony that sailed to this Continent from the Island of Minorca - a dependency of Spain, but, of course, the name borne by the families are to be found in Spain and in Mexico.

"Wilst in this section I bought at the Montagne store in New Iberia the novel "Count of Monte Cristo" and I was in my mind transported to Catlonia, the province where Mercedes, the heroine of the plot, was born and reared. I found a Mercedes here and found Dangler, Count de Morcert. I played the role Edmond Dantes in miniature. Here was erected a portion of the comedy depicted by Alexandre Dumas in the Count of Monte Cristo. The jelousy described in that novel was vividly re-produced by a certain swain; and he succeeded in gaining his Mercedes, as Dangler did in Monte Cristo, but the story has not the same dramatic close, for both Dangle and Mercedes here both ended their career without any hitch; As often, in late years, I passed by the Iberia Church Yard, on the train or on foot, I noticed among the monuments erected to the memory of the dead, within the precinct of this sacred ground, one to the memory of the once regretted Mercedes "figuratively." Here she lies amongst her kindred awaiting the resurrection of the flesh."

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